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The Diabetes Solution: For Women. An Online Course with Dr. Jorge E. Rodriguez. Dr. Jorge Rodriguez's online course, The Diabetes Solution for Women. [PDF] Download Dr. Bernstein's Diabetes Solution: The Complete Guide to Achieving Normal Blood Sugars Ebook | READ ONLINE Download. Title Slide of Dr. bernstein s diabetes solution a complete guide to achieving normal blood sugars pdf.

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The Diabetes Diet, Dr. Berntein's Low-Carbohydrate Solution – a revolutionary new low-carb diet for diabetics by the doctor who pioneered a successful new. Another likely biochemical cause of diabetic sequelae relates to the existence of tissues that can accumulate glucose even in the absence of insulin. Editorial Reviews. From Library Journal. Bernstein (Diabetes Type Two, Prentice Hall, ), a Type I diabetic, begins his book with testimonials from 14 patients.

Full Name Comment goes here. What it wassupposedto do. His overall health has improved since the be ginning. In those days. While it is true that most of those with type 2 can stay alive without injecting insulin. I believe.

Age Group: Overall Height - Top to Bottom: Overall Width - Side to Side: Overall Depth - Front to Back: Overall Product Weight: Book Details Author: Richard K. Bernstein Pages: Hardcover Brand: Book Appearances 5. Download or read Dr. You just clipped your first slide! Clipping is a handy way to collect important slides you want to go back to later. Now customize the name of a clipboard to store your clips. Visibility Others can see my Clipboard.

Cancel Save. As far as we could tell. Frank had a mild heart attack. I guess. The thing was. He did modify his diet— he stopped eating so much candy.

This was going back to hisarmy days. No one ever talked about it. This went on and on forcloseto sevenor eightyears. He began to see a cardiologist. For about two to three years. As far as we were aware. No onesuggested medica tion. The doctor met with us. Hisblood sugars were I had no idea whether it was 1.

If he had seen Dr. They called it 'chemical' diabetes. Bernstein back then. The onlything wewere ever toldwas thatit was high or wasn't high. But eventually. It showed up on bloodtests. He prescribed Diabinese. He would have the oc casional bowl of ice cream. I was more concerned about fat during that stage. I always bought the newest foods that came out — low- fat.

I mean. That's a really goodidea. I called What happened was. Before and After 7 whole bit. I mean that. She said. But trying to gethis blood sugar down wasvery difficult. In the middle of the ride. He said. No one evermentioned diet. Frank woke up and said. He couldn't answer questions. Bern stein. My friend had had an uncle who'd beenveryill with diabetes and its complications. No one had warned us that this could happen. I had friends who are diabetics who watch certain things that they eat.

Who knows what it wasbeforehe got the intravenous? I thought it was a stroke. I said to the doctor. Bythetimewegot to thehospital. I would talk to my friend about. When they decided to do a finger stick.

No one had told us what hypoglycemia looked like. He was out of hishead. I didn't have the education in diabetes that I've gotten with Dr. When the medic gothere. The only thing that gave me some smidgen of doubt was that he got up and walked to the bath room and put on histrousers.

Solution pdf diabetes

When I finally found out what the numbers meant. Frank had anattack of serious hypoglycemia [low blood sugar]. And rarely wasit everbelow when we went in.

I had worked with doctors in the army. I'm a little irritated with this constant puncturing of my fingers. He showed me — did it to himself— and then he made me do it. He has specific programs. Instead of blood sugar counts of over I justbroke down and cried. I can barely feel theshots of minute doses of in sulin. It only takesa split second. Iwas look ing very pale and wan. I just do it routinely. I use the 'love handles' on the sides of my waist.

I felt he was somewhat of a flake. Bernstein's painless injec tion method and it doesn'tbother me at all. Frank was seeing a doctor. You're not going to get hisblood sugars down untilyousee DickBern stein. Bernstein — now. I takeinsulin in the morning andbefore middayand evening meals. I brushed off his advice. Until I came across him.

Since then. He is socompletely directed toward this one failing of the human body that I kind of thought that maybe it was a little too intense. He made me do it in the office. Wewentaway thinking. The needle issotiny.

He's given mearegimen.

I don't eat ice cream. When I first came toDr. I use Dr. Frank went to my friend's office with me. It was like the final straw. Why would some private doctor be any more capable than the head of the diabetes clinic at a major medical center? But after this episode with hypoglycemia. I keep track of myblood sugar. I never met a doctor who was so focused on onething.

But the results have been rather spectacular. I'm a pretty skinny guy. But he did it. Her story is not unusual. I in no way felt I had control of the disease.

I had the feeling that it was going to be in evitable. I feel good. Iwas somewhat resigned to the probability of suffering complications from diabetes. I had gained weight. I do it wherever I am — atatable in a restaurant. I know I am in control of my diabetes. Best of all. Ibecame chronically depressed and was usually hungry.

Solution pdf diabetes

He'd had many physical prob lems. Before andAfter 9 I'm out. His overall health has improved since the be ginning. Bernstein really gave us an education. I had leg pains atnight.

Although I took insulin. And now that I am in control of the dis ease. Myhands and feet tingled. I am now thin. I no longer find the need to hide from friends the fact that I have diabetes. I eat healthful. My life. Myleg pains have disappeared. He can manage his blood sugar when it's alittle low. He knows just what to do. Frequently partial.

I developed severe retinopathy. I maintain a daily check of my blood sugars and feel that my overall improvementhas also helped me recuperate quickly from a total hip replacement with out any complications. I was quite irritable. We have seen such improvements in anumber ofpatients — but only in those whose problem was caused mainly by neuropathy nerve damage. Ap proximately four years ago. I had no knowledge whether these conditions were interrelated.

I found that the blood pressures in his penis and his feet were normal. Both of my kidneys ceased functioning. For thirty-nineyears I hadbeentreated with a traditional diet and insulin regimen. At the time. With my new diet and small doses of insulin. I noticed that I was always tired. The dialysis treatments required me to be in the hospital for about 5 hours. When we initially sawL.

Otherwise I was feeling well. He has been following one ofthe regimens described in this book for the pastthree years. Bernstein taught me to measure my blood sugars.

Dr. Bernstein s Diabetes Solution - A Complete Guide to Achieving Normal Blood Sugars

The problem with impotency has improved. In addition. My mental confusion. I sufferedmany convulsions from low blood sugars andwasplaced in hospital intensive care units. The re sultantdisability also forced me to give up my surgical practice. They were verydebiUtating andleft me totally exhausted.

My retinopathy. Thanks to the diet described in this book. His blood sugars are currently controlled by diet. My neuropathy is gone. My visionwasblurredand I wasusually thirsty and urinating alot. I had no energyand wasalways sleepy. I measure my blood sugars a number oftimes eachdayand know how to rapidly correct slightvari ations from my target range.

I would experience severe physical reactions that included fatigue. When my blood sugars werehigh. I have been meticulously following the lessons that Dr. Hestill works as a financial consultant.

My severedigestive problems have markedly improved. I no longer suffer from glaucoma. I follow a very low carbohydrate diet. I washostile. Bernstein taught me.

My blood sugar control has been excellent. I'vereaped anumber of rewards. Before andAfter 11 pervisit. An angiogram revealed severe disease of the arteries that supplied my heart.

My blood test results were consistently at the level. His hemoglobin A1C test. All waswell for the next sevenyears. My blood sugar was He did the usual blood test. I also had difficulty attaining full erec tion of my penis. He told me that asthe neuropathy progressed. But I did begin to inquireof friends and acquaintances about any knowledge or experi encethey might haverelative to neuropathyor diabetes.

His advice wasto watch my diet. I returned for another checkup in 30 days. My in ternist diagnosed it as neuropathyprobably due to high blood sugar. Sud denly foot numbness is no longer acasual matter. One thing about aging and disease. It first appeared as lethargy. His R-R interval study see Chapter 2.

I therefore had surgery to open up these arteries. Special shoes. Know the reasons and the differences. We started with diet. Knowing the how and why of diet keeps you on the track. Forwithout continuous diet observance. Each symptom of the disease. Beforeand After 13 ashigh aslegs go. He joked that they would cut him off at the middle of his butt the next time. He explains that the effect of uncontrolled diabetes on the heart can be much more deleterious than the other popular demons — choles terol.

He could never leavehis chair. A display of courageto others was a macabrenightmare to me. The first visit lasted llh hours. It wasn't just eat this. Consider the alter native — feet split. Take the seemingly in significant matter of scaly feet. I believe. Practiced as directed. I got serious about getting someone. Each detail of diagnosis and treatment wasdiscussed. My condition became an ever-present. He givesyou the rationale for treatment. I would become very jit tery. I expect to reducegreatly any future risk of heartattacks.

I always had to eat'on time. During a meeting that I waschairing. Hercomments relate inpart to the effects of large amounts of dietary carbohydrate. I always carried a bag of goodies — unsalted saltine crackers. I would have to force myself to concentrate on what was taking place. When wefirstmet. The severe belching. My feet are now beauti fully supple and healthy. As I felt myself 'going bananas. I no longer have a sense of helplessness in the face of it.

I'm so sorry. All my waking hours were focused on eating. I feel free to exercise. The other ills of diabetes have apparently not greatly affected me. April 3. So along I limped. Since that first meeting. I tried to discuss with my diabetologist how I was feeling about gaining weight and eating all the time.

It was a cold. Before and After 15 sweating profusely and perhaps acting a little strange. I triedWeight Watchers. I outgrew allmy clothing. I must have read it several dozen times before I finally met with Dr.

And I was so grateful and so very embarrassed. I could now hop. I was constantly eating. I stoppedridingthe subway.

Now I felt rather frumpy. I haven't had one single episode of hypoglycemia. Following the regimen of correcting my high and low blood sugars.

He would say. He always clipped newspaper and maga zinearticles aboutdiabetes andwouldremindme to watch specials on TV. I had been a rather stylish dresser since college days.

I was told. He encouraged me to be active in the local diabetes association. I stilloccasionally throw caution to the wind by eating too much and eating foods I know are taboo.

Sticking with my diet of no bread. I immediately searched for help. As with many other people who use our regi men. I feel that I am really lucky. I now be lievethat they are not necessarily outcomes of livingwith diabetes. I wastold — abated. I didn't have to push hardto ac complish my daily goals at work and at home. My self-esteem and self-worth are whole again. My fan tasies are almostalways of some forbidden food — ahot fudge sundae with nuts.

Within a couple of months. Diabetes robbed him of a normal existence. Even the swelling and pain in my rightknee — arthritis. But when allis told. My stamina seemed to increase. I now take only 8 units of insulin each day. All my ef forts have really paid off. I was back to pounds.

Dr. Bernstein's Diabetes Solution | Blood Sugar | Diabetes Mellitus

I feel great. My oldest brother. While I oncethought that heart disease. I started once again to exercise every day. My regimen was totally overhauled to eliminate foods that raised blood sugar. I had to give these up. My glucose level started to descend to I was getting sicker. I even began to include fresh fish in my diet. At my first visit. Bernstein also encouraged me to purchase a pedometer. This was yet another thing to bother with. New Rochelle has many beautiful parks. My glucose levelswere in the range alltoo often.

After about two months. That meant sticking my finger several times a day. But since my body was feeling healthier. I was askedto check my blood with ablood sugarmeter for aweek prior to every visit to Dr.

But the resultwas an invigorating high. By this time. I didn't mind a greater emphasis on protein. I bought some cast-iron dumbbells for addi-.

I continued with the program. I didn't mind pricking my fingers several times each day. I was sorely tempted to give up the diet. Before and After 17 medical advice but not improving. Bernstein's programin I began to walkdaily. My doctor had said. Fortunately for me. I was willing to discipline myself for a short period in or der to be able to return to a more active. I managed to better discipline myself because I sensed it made me feel better.

Macaroni and ravioli had been important parts of my diet since birth. Sincethen I have recov ered my former vitality and zest for life. At the beach. This meant getting up ear lierin the morning to walk duringthe week. It sounded easy. I didn't realize that there were so many different exer cisesthat you could do at home to benefit your health.

The diet has been a major factor — I've lost a lot of weight. I've always had high risk factors — both my parents had diabetes. I wasn't in bad shape. Bernstein still said the same three things. I learned about arm curls. He has a family history of diabetes. I wound up taking more and more. With adherence to the program. The doctor I was seeing. I felt I was going down the same slippery slope. I'd been trying to lose weight.

He has known abouthisdiabetes for approxi matelysixyears. I kept won dering. When I found out I had it.

I know that I don't have to suffer the same debilitating effects that afflict so many other diabetics. The standard approach was always to tell me to lose weight. I wastrying to do allthose things. That all-consuming fatigue is gone.

My sister. Everytime I went to seehim. As it turned out. Just to demonstrate the effects of diet. My brother. Micronase is one of those oral hypoglycemic agents that stimulate your pancreas. The guy I was seeing before Dr. I wasn't sure what the whole thing was about.

He never once said to me. The thing is — and I found this out with my sister and my brother— it's a slippery slope.

He checked everything. I was checking my fasting blood sugars in the mornings.

Solution pdf diabetes

I waslucky. I hadn't developed that many complications — not like my brother and sister— but I knew how fast they could get you. He found that I had an anemia.

Dr. Bernstein's Diabetes Solution

But he said that could be from my old kidney stone. He said we'd wait awhile until my blood sugars were normalized. And when I'd go in. I had not had retinopathyor neuropathy.

Dr. Bernstein’s Diabetes Solution – Brilliant Short Video

You're burning your pancreas out quick. At least I don't rememberany one everexplainingthis to me. What it wassupposedto do. Beforeand After 19 but I startedcutting back on the carbohydrates. Wolf Ph. Free Download Dr. Bernstein's Diabetes Solution: Free Download Enchanter: Free Download Zane and the Hurricane: Free The Days of Abandonment: Free When Things Fall Apart: Get Maus: A Survivor's Tale.

My Father Bleeds History. Give Me Liberty!: Innovating Out of Crisis: Little, Brown and Company Published on: English Number of items: Hardcover pages of people found the following review helpful. Murray I wrote a review of Dr.