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I have tried to set various values to tell a clean install of Firefox to automatically handle applications by "Save File". When I click on PDF links Firefox tries to save them instead of opening them. This is so even though in "Options" under "Applications" I have all. It doesn't make sense to me that your screenshot shows Firefox will preview pdf files, but your Firefox still pops up "Save as" dialog. Anyway, in order to make.

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My pdf files used to open automatically. Now they download It should be " preview in firefox" for it to open directly in Firefox. Read this answer. Firefox should be able to open locally saved PDF files or set as the default application for PDF files. Firefox used to set itself automatically as. I download pdf files all day to save and print. Before the update last week, they would download and then automatically open in Adobe Reader.

Application User Agent: I have set several other preferences such as the download directory and the setting to use it. I want Firefox to directly download the PDF files instead of showing them in browser. And or have Acrobat reader installed so it can open a pdf file or similar. Morvader Morvader 1, 3 24 Cancel Subscribe to feed Question details Product Firefox.

From this it seems to me the entirety of handlers. Please explain with a little more detail why a default action needs to be stored in javascript object notation and not in the javascript. But again, I'm not an expert in these things.

I simply know that before this was working and now it's not. It seems like something from prefs.

Pdf automatically firefox

I set the pdfjs. Thank you for pointing that out. I still think the values I set before should be enough to handle the PDF. Apparently, the builtin PDF Viewer gets to say whether or not it wants to handle a PDF before the other preferences are taken into account.

Whether this is intended or not is really not an issue to me anymore. For clarity if anyone finds this when trying to get PDFs to download automatically using prefs.

Setting 'browser. Support Forum. This thread was archived.

Pdf automatically firefox

Please ask a new question if you need help. The value in question is: Read this answer in context 1. Question tools Get email updates when anybody replies.

Cancel Subscribe to feed Question details Product Firefox. Topic Other. System Details Windows 10 Firefox Application User Agent: You can check out the comments in this file: Question owner Hmm, I'm not an expert on my Firefox history but I'm fairly certain this isn't true and at the very least it's not reasonably stated.

Also what do you mean JavaScript files aren't suitable for storing large amounts of data.

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Thank you for your assistance. In Windows 10, it seems not possible anymore to choose Firefox as the default app to open a. Firefox is listed as a possible default app to open pdf's but when choosen, nothing happens and the previously chosen default app remains.

No it doesn't. I exported the corresponding registry key on an other pc on which everything works ok and imported it in the registry of my pc. No change.

Automatically firefox pdf

Apparently the problem seems to be linked to my pc only, so something in the configuration must be damaged. Will use Chrome, that works. Will be fixed in some distant future, when I decide to reinstall Windows, if ever. Thanks for helping.

Firefox by default can't open a pdf you have to with my understanding of pdf need to have a addon installed to it can open it. And or have Acrobat reader installed so it can open a pdf file or similar. I could be wrong but that is my general understanding of it.

Firefox used to set itself automatically as the default PDF viewer when you install Firefox and detects that there is currently no application set.

Otherwise you should be able to do this in Windows File Explorer via "Open with".

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The pdf can be opened with Firefox in different ways. There is no problem with that. The problem is that Windows doesn't allow me to set Firefox as the default app to open pdf's. I tryed different ways. When I try for instance to set the default app by going to the settings of a pdf-file and try to change the Open with - Change there, I get a list of apps with which I can open the pdf in the future.